I received a PhD, in September 2017, in Information Systems and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, under Prof. Ana Paiva’s supervision. My work focused on the cognitive modeling of an agent making decisions in conflict situations. It was also part of my PhD to understand how people behave in social interactions and how that impacts human-computer interaction.

During my PhD, I worked as a Research Associate in the EU-funded projects SIREN (Social games for conflict resolution based on natural interaction) and LAW-TRAIN (a virtual interrogation training system for law enforcement units involved in drug-trafficking).

In 2017 I was a Lab Associate with Disney Research and started a Postdoc in the same lab. During that year I worked on a conversational AI character. My main scientific interests include cognitive and affective modeling of agents (virtual or robotic), and its impact on human-agent interaction. I am now a Postdoc in Prof. Jessica Hodgins’ group at Carnegie Mellon University.

Curriculum Vitae

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